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What is RLSA Google?

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Have you ever visited a blog, noticed a product, exited the site, and then came across an ad for that product you were looking for? This happens because of RLSA Google or remarketing lists. 

This concept is extremely relevant when it comes to digital marketing strategies and in today’s article, we will explain what RLSA campaigns are and how you can use them to obtain better results.

Concept of RLSA Google Ads 


RLSA Google lists are customized search and ad campaigns that target only users who have checked out a blog, landing page, or app before. These users know what you offer, so you need to tailor your ads and bids to convince them to select your blog when they use Google search.

Basically, you’ll be thanking users for visiting your site by adding them to a “VIP list”. That way, when they utilize Google search they’ll be reminded of the reason why they checked your website before others.

Besides, RLSA Google tend to be a perfect mix of classic display remarketing users and high-conversion-intent search advertisements. Due to this kind of campaign, you can intentionally make users ignore other websites and stick to yours. 

How do remarketing lists work? 

Remarketing lists for search ads or RLSA with Analytics work just like standard RLSA.

You use Analytics to define the criteria when it comes to including users to your remarketing lists and then, Google associates sessions or your web depending on your Analytics settings to one of the company’s ad cookies on client’s browsers.

Later, when users search on Google from the exact browser, they might notice customized ads based on their previous sessions on your blog or website. However, you must keep in mind aspects like:

Maximum lifespan 

The limit when it comes to the lifespan of RLSA Google searches ad is 540 days, meaning you can’t extend this period of time.  

Limited cookies 

Another element you have to consider is that remarketing lists for Google Search need to have at least 1,000 cookies before you can use it to tailor future search ads. This helps maintain the privacy of the people behind the process of designing your list.

Non-eligible for RLSA 

Some remarketing lists characteristics are non-eligible for RLSA, such as:

  • Remarketing lists that include demographic dimensions.
  • Remarketing lists that are created in mobile apps views.

Positive aspects of RLSA Google 


Users navigate a lot of websites when they are searching for something, so it’s useful to show them a remarketing ad when they are somewhere else that makes them go back to your blog or website.

Actually, this push increases the chances that someone will purchase your product over your competition. This is why remarketing is one of the most effective ways to lift campaign results in comparison to other digital marketing methods such as topic and keywords. 

Next up we’re going to list some of the benefits of RLSA Google Ads

More customer engagement 

Because you have the chance to customize content, you can increase audience engagement. Utilizing search ads lets you offer personalization and this boosts win-back potential. 

Higher CTR 

RLSA Google allows you to target users who have already demonstrated some kind of interest in what you have to offer.

Because these leads are considered to be qualified, they are more likely to return a higher click-through rate as well as an improved quality score.

Due to a higher quality score, your ad ranking in the SERPs will probably be higher too. 

Trial broad keywords 

By using broad keywords, the chances of improving your reach are going to rise. On top of that, if you use RLSAs, you’ll have the chance to set up diverse campaigns or ad groups for any keyword you want to try to determine whether they do well to your conversion rates or not.

Ad spend 

With RLSA campaigns you can choose to target only the most valuable and qualified people, excluding those who are not providing valuable interactions, thus saving money.

Moreover, you have the option to adjust your remarketing lists, so users who have chosen to disable ads are excluded from the targeting lists, ensuring your digital marketing campaign is more cost-effective.

Better ROI 

These lists allow you to separate your audiences into several lists based on how well they perform.

As a result, this can help you stay connected with potential clientele, especially users who expressed previous interest, leading to more sales and improved ROI.

Ways to use RLSA Google to your advantage 

If you want to get the best results, you need to comprehend how to use RLSA Google Ads:

Know your audience 

Just like with any other digital marketing strategy, you must understand your audience before creating your RLSA Google and running your future ads. You can start considering creating buyer personas as well as customer journey maps.

This way, you can learn what users are thinking about in all the stages of your journey for improving targeted ads. An extra step could be to alter your bids based on audience demographics. 

In case your users are signed in to Google whenever making their searches, you’ll get the chance to further segments and adjust bids and lists based on available data, such as gender and age.

Modify bids by user stage

If you already created proper journey maps, you’ll likely be aware of which customer actions are the most critical to driving conversions for future audiences. This is the moment where you should utilize RLSA.

Use your blog or website codes to track where your audience is in their journey and bid higher for users closer to conversion. In simpler words, users who are closer to making a purchase. 

Match messaging to audience action 

Make sure that the messaging in your RLSA campaigns matches the action you want the person to take or the action they took that got them placed on one of your lists.

For instance, if a person lands on a pricing page, you can share an ad that calls their attention to a recent discount. 

To do this successfully, you can create concrete tags within the Google Ads account that note what action a person took and alter your bids so that you show relevant copy based on the actions that are taken.

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