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What is Google Display Network and how you can use it

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There are thousands of tools you can use to improve your business’ marketing in Australia, and one of the best tools to do so is Google Display Network.

You must know this tool is extremely powerful and if you want the best results for your online presence, then you need to keep reading.

In this article, we’re going to explain to you how Google Display Network works along with every benefit this tool can provide for you.

What is Google Display Network? 


Google Display Network is made out of plenty of websites. Google properties such as YouTube, Gmail, and other apps that can show your display ads to your potential audience. 

When it comes to the ads that the network is going to show to people there are:

  • Pictures.
  • Animations.
  • Business logo. 
  • Text. 
  • Locations.

This network is massive and it includes more than 1 million sites as well as locations where your display ads can be shown. It can also assist you in finding the correct audience with its target options that strategically showcase your message to potential clientele.

Display campaigns include AI functions that can help improve the performance of your strategy, such as:


In Digital marketing there is something called bidding strategies, which are going to be recommended to you based on the advertising goals you have. You can, nonetheless, choose not to employ the suggested bidding strategies and manually select your own bidding strategy. 

Pay for conversions 

Another function that Google Display Network offers has to do with pay for conversions instead of clicks on Display Campaigns and this uses target CPA bidding. On the other hand, when setting up your own campaign, you can go to the “Bidding” section and look for a header called “Pay for” and then select “Conversions.”


By default, Display ads will always be responsive unless someone is using uploaded Display ads. Essentially, this means you can upload a broad variety of assets into GoogleAds and then Google AI is going to determine the most effective combination of assets including elements like:

  • Appearance.
  • Size.
  • Format. 

Thanks to this, your assets will fit correctly and they’ll most likely perform even better than you thought. 


Through optimized targeting this network can utilize information like keywords in Google on your landing page to assist you in reaching new and potential audiences that are likely to purchase your services or products.

Furthermore, optimized targeting is set as the default targeting for Display campaigns. In case you’d rather not use optimized targeting for your digital marketing strategy, you can always choose a diverse form of targeting. 

Benefits of using Google Display Network 


Reach audiences from all over the world 

Foremost, Display campaigns can reach audiences from all over the world across millions of websites and apps, and on Google-owned properties like Gmail and YouTube. Plus, this is going to let you expand your reach beyond Google Search Ads.

Create personalized campaigns 

If you utilize every tool that Google Display Network provides, you’ll notice an increase in drive sales as well as leads and website traffic.

Whatever you may offer, due to these tools, you’ll be capable of building awareness and consideration for your business, meaning you’ll have better chances of selling more products.

Many useful tools 

Any modern Display campaign is going to use AI-powered solutions to give you the results you expect. From targeting to bidding and formats to reach a new or an already established audience.

This can be practical for your strategy because it can improve campaign results, friction-free.

Optimized targeting 

You’ll be able to find the best-performing audience segments which include potential clientele with the highest probabilities of helping you meet your conversion goals. 

Smarter bidding 

Bidding that implements AI to optimize for conversion value will be another helpful tool from Google Display Network. This is going to help you save both time and effort, given that it is going to improve your overall performance.

Successful campaign 

Your digital marketing campaign will be successful with every tool you use from Google Display Network, and you’ll enter the building blocks for your images, logos, Google local ads and headlines.

Plus, you’ll get more potential clients and customers.

Smarter process 

Proper Google display ads campaign optimizes within days and Google’s AI will select the most appropriate mix of assets to give your campaign optimal results.

That way, you can find out which of your descriptions, pictures, logos, or headlines works best for the campaign.

Ways to optimize your ads for Google Display Network 

Are you seeking the best results for your business in Australia? Then you need to know how to use Google Display Network in your favor. Follow these steps, and you’ll be on the proper track:

Respect Google’s Image Size Proportions 

Every new Google ad must have the correct image size proportions. Images are relevant when it comes to displaying ads. They are going to support users to comprehend more about the business, services, and branding. 

And sticking to image sizing is vital if you want your ads to be successful.

You have the option to upload up to 15 pictures in diverse aspect ratios:

  • Square. 
  • Landscape.
  • Portrait.

Although you can also choose from Google’s stock image library, which is completely free. In addition, you must make sure the images are high quality. You want pictures to be the right size, so avoid the following:

  • Utilize logos with colorful backgrounds. 
  • Overlay buttons. 
  • Overlay your brand’s logo on top of a picture. 

Stick to Google’s text suggestions 

Another important guideline you have to follow when it comes to Google Ads Planner has to do with the web’s texts. You must implement clear and simple language to describe your services or products. 

Avoid using generic text, all caps as well, and clickbait that will get your clientele nowhere. You can follow these guidelines:

  • Tell your visitors what they can do: “Click here to make a purchase”.
  • Spell out any offer you have: “10% discount”.

Keep every short headline under 30 characters, otherwise, Google could cut them out. This doesn’t mean you can’t use long headlines, but if you do, consider the following:

  • Avoid punctuating the end of a long headline. 
  • Respect the copy from each short headline. 
  • Avoid all caps. 
  • Don’t use clickbait. 

You must also be cautious with descriptions. Google shows descriptions with headlines.

Write your description copy to complement every short headline you have. Prevent using generic messaging and clickbait if you want to obtain satisfactory results.

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