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Digital Marketing

Use of YouTube on marketing campaigns

Brands use YouTube ads because it’s the second most popular website in the world and as such attracts 2 billion users a month.

YouTube explains that visitors to its platform are twice as likely to buy the products they see in ads, so advertising on YouTube is definitely quite effective.

YouTube is not only an important space to watch videos, but it is also the second most used search engine on the internet. This means that, to make queries, people enter their searches directly into YouTube.

There is no doubt that this popularity has turned YouTube into a powerful platform for advertising. This, above all, because it allows the programming of ads based on keywords by videos and channels, adding links to sites or even promoting a YouTube channel in the videos of another channel as a recommendation.

But let’s be honest: YouTube advertising isn’t the most intuitive part of your social media B2B digital marketing strategy. However, you can be sure that taking the time to learn more deeply about the topic will pay off, as that knowledge will be reflected in your ROI.

Implementing a YouTube advertising digital content strategy is one of the best moves you can make for your online digital marketing campaign. Find out why with the benefits listed below:

1. It’s cost effective

If you are familiar with PPC (pay per click) advertising, you’ll know that it’s a very profitable B2B digital marketing strategy. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s easy to understand why it’s lucrative: you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Not only that, but you choose exactly how much you’re willing to pay when someone clicks. These two features mean that you will never overspend on PPC ads.

YouTube advertising follows a PPC model that works in the same way, making it extremely profitable.

2. It has advanced targeting options

Granular targeting is critical to the success of an online digital marketing campaign, and YouTube ads allow for detailed insights when it comes to targeting the exact audience you want to reach.

You can target your audience by:

  • Demographics: Target users based on factors such as location, age, gender, parental status, and more.
  • Topics: Reaches the public based on topics of interest.
  • Customer Segmentation: With online and offline data, you will be able to interact with customers who have shown interest in your company in the past.
  • Similar Audiences: Similar audience targeting allows you to use customer match data to target users who are similar to those who typically show interest in your ads.
  • Video remarketing: Target ads to users who have interacted with your YouTube videos in the past.
  • Custom Affinity Audience: Targets users in an even more granular way, allowing you to reach a group of users with a specific set of interests related to your brand.
  • In-Market Audience: Targets the audience in the advertising market who are currently searching for products or services that your brand offers.
  • Events: Target users based on events they have recently experienced. Events include milestones like moving, getting married, or having a child and tie them to your products or services.

3. Videos are more attractive

With the ability to engage the senses with audio and visual elements, videos allow you to tell a story that creates an emotional connection and conveys more information than text or display ads. The possibilities are endless and you can be as creative as you want.

The public gets to connect with the faces that represent the brand, better understand your attitude as a company and see how a product or service works.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of YouTube ad formats to choose from, but when you do it right, you can successfully connect with your audience using each format.

4. Metrics are easy to measure

If you don’t measure the success of any online digital marketing campaign, you are wasting time executing it. Without knowing how an online digital marketing campaign is performing, you won’t have insight into how you could improve.

The platform makes this easy with a simple click on the “Analytics” tab in your profile. There you can learn more about your viewers and the specific performance of each video.

If you want to track views, costs, and budget details related to your YouTube ads, we also recommend visiting your Google Ads account.

5. Provides fast results

Since YouTube has 2.291 million users, it’s easy to understand why you’ll get results so quickly.

Nearly a third of all people on the Internet watch digital content through YouTube, and these numbers are expected to increase. This opens up a whole new opportunity to reach a wide variety of potential consumers on a different platform. Showing your ads to more people means that, over time, you’ll get more clicks, website traffic, and more sales.

6. It has a variety of ad formats

There are a variety of ad formats that can help you achieve a specific goal, whether it’s building brand awareness or driving conversions:

  • Skippable In-Stream Ads: These ads display video content before, during, or after videos on YouTube and Google video partner sites. Viewers have the option to skip after 5 seconds and are only charged if a viewer interacts or watches the entire ad.
  • Non-skippable video ads: These ads also show video content before, during, or after videos, but viewers will need to watch the entire message because there is no skip option.
  • Bumper ads: Bumper ads are short, memorable six-second messages used for reach and brand awareness.
  • Discovery ads: These ads promote video content alongside related YouTube videos, as part of a YouTube search result or on the YouTube mobile home page.
  • Non-video ads: These ads can be used if you don’t have video assets available. Display and video overlay ads display image and text content in the right sidebar or on top of video content.


Nowadays it’s very important to use all available methods to boost sales and promote your brand so that it’s recognized.

YouTube advertising is a good way to show your video ads to a relevant and engaged audience, so it’s likely to become one of your company’s largest customer acquisition channels.

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