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The best AdSense Alternative for WordPress

Google AdSense alternatives

Are you looking for the best AdSense alternative for WordPress? Then look no further. In today’s article, we will present you a list of top alternatives to AdSense; that way, you’ll continue improving your blog’s current statistics. 

Concept of AdSense and how you can use it 

In Digital marketing, Google Adsense is an online advertising program launched by Google 20 years ago. Initially, there were doubts about the use of the platform, but in 2004 unsatisfactory results and complaints made Google allow advertisers to drop out of the AdSense platform.

However, nowadays, Google AdSense has become the top choice for monetizing websites all over the world.

All you require is to create your own account, select the type of ads you want to display on your website, and then paste the HTML code where you’d want the ads to be shown.

Google will manage the rest, and it will automatically show the most relevant ads on your WordPress website or blog. Nonetheless, AdSense is not the only possible option in the market.

Best Google AdSense alternatives

Next up, we’re going to get into some of Google AdSense alternatives you can use in case you’re not sure about AdSense:

1. Media.Net

Our main AdSense equivalent is Media.Net. This company has one of the most extensive portfolios in the digital marketing business.

They can provide various on-site ad solutions including:

  • Search.
  • Native.
  • Video.
  • Display.

The implementation is beyond easy. You must add a short preview of the code on your WordPress and there will be no need for other code or integration work for both activating and running native, video or contextual ads.

On the other hand, the advertisements shown on your website or blog are relevant to your content all the time. When it comes to customer support their service is highly responsive.

Once a client is approved, they’re given a customer representative to help them optimize their site’s ads. Click here to visit their website.  

2. Ezoic

Another one of the best Google AdSense alternatives is Ezoic. This is an end-to-end platform that enables ads to any of the inside pages of a website.

Plus, Ezoic utilizes proprietary AI, that tailors the ad experience to a visitor-by-visitor basis, making sure each person only gets targeted with the proper ad characteristics.

Additionally, you must know Ezoic is a Certified Google Publishing Partner and thanks to this, publishers have access to Google’s AdX portfolio of advertising partners.

Google AdSense doesn’t allow access to AdX, and due to this level of premium access, publishers will get higher-paying ads shown on their websites. Moreover, Ezoic offers the option to incorporate videos into a website or blog created from the existing content on the website through new products called Humix and Flickify.

You can visit Ezoic’s website by clicking here

3. Infolinks

A Digital marketing strategy is not complete without the right platform, and Infolinks has certainly become one of the best AdSense alternatives for small websites.

Infolink is now the third-biggest publisher marketplace worldwide and integrating Infolinks ads into a blog is easy. Once approved, you’re going to receive a unique script you can add to your blog’s HTML.

Paste the given code anywhere, and you’re ready to start earning. Furthermore, if you utilize Google Analytics or a different JavaScript tool, make sure you insert Infolinks JavaScript before their code.

Click here to visit Infolink’s website. 

4. PropellerAds 

PropellerAds is a wide ad platform that offers a diverse range of advert options like sponsored links, banners and push notifications. This platform is easy to use with a simple ad creator that allows you to get the campaign live with minimal hassle.

With plenty of targeting options and real-time performance statistics, you can work to improve each campaign you have.

This platform also features automated ad optimization, where blog settings can be tuned by AI, providing optimal numbers of conversions to you for each ad without having to invest too much time. Click here to visit PropellerAds. 

5. Revcontent 

Revcontent focuses on native editorial content, meaning if your digital marketing strategy is primarily focused on this type of content, then the ads displayed on your website are going to be relevant articles as well as blogs, instead of service or product ads.

Another element that sets Revconcent apart from other platforms is its specialized ad system. It uses highly responsive widgets, unlimited API customizations, and many more.

Users will also have a varied range of ad types to select from including:

  • Entertainment widgets.
  • Media widgets. 
  • Technology widgets.

Nevertheless, Revcontent requires a minimum traffic of  50,000 user visits monthly. To know more about Revconcent you can click here

6. Evadav

Continuing with our list of the best AdSense alternatives for WordPress we have Evadav. This network offers a number of diverse ad units, including banners, native content as well and video sliders.

Through Evadav your website is going to be connected with a global advertising exchange. Essentially, you’ll be capable of reaching visitors from any corner of the world.

Evadav focuses on push notifications, and visitors who agree to receive these kinds of notifications from your blog will make you earn money every single time they interact with an ad from Evadav.

Each advertisement that appears on your blog will also be verified and come directly from Evadav’s domain. When it comes to payment, the platform pays on a weekly basis, and you can select between CPA, CPM, or RevShare models.

Click here to get more information about Evadav.

7. PopAds 

Our final AdSense equivalent is PopAds. This is an advertising network that specializes in popunder ads for both advertisers and publishers.

Your ads will be able to reach an audience spanning more than 45 countries and by implementing PopAds network, you can adjust the ad frequency you want to give your visitors.

In case you need it, you can contact the support team anytime you want via email. Moreover, you can select between services for advertisers and publishers. You can also request to withdraw the PopAds earnings any time you want.

Click here to find out more about PopAds.

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