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Digital Marketing

Strategies of internet marketing for small businesses

Today we live in a world in which technology has surpassed us, forcing small businesses to orient their objectives digitally. As a result, online digital marketing for small businesses has become an essential business action for any company that wants to stand out.

This means that small bussinesses must create B2B digital marketing strategies that help them communicate their competitive advantages within the Internet market through online digital marketing: a tool that uses online technology to create effective and personalized digital brand strategies.

What is online digital marketing?

To begin, first it’s important to understand a little more what online digital marketing is, since this tool is the basis of any B2B digital marketing strategy.

Online digital marketing is based on generating “online” actions that are very well planned and structured by a small bussiness or person. These actions have the purpose of developing a brand identity on the Internet to be positioned and attracted by new customers.

Whether through products or services, online digital marketing seeks to market a business electronically through close and personalized communication with its clients or future clients.

What is an online digital marketing strategy for small bussinesses?

In order for companies to achieve a brand presence through the Internet, it’s necessary to create promotions through electronic channels.

An online digital marketing strategy is a set of actions that aim to achieve the internet marketing objectives initially set by a small business. These actions are vital to ensure that a brand stands out and lasts with the rapid advancement of technology.

Currently there are different types of online digital strategies, however, each digital content strategy is aimed at generating certain specific results. For this, it’s necessary for companies to ask themselves the following questions:

  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • How are we going to obtain it?
  • How are we going to measure it?

Once the above has been defined, it’s time to start planning and executing the necessary actions. To do this, there are some online digital marketing strategies for small bussinesses that you can put into practice for your business:

1. Social media strategy

Social networks are one of the most powerful communication channels between small bussinesses and users on the Internet. In addition, it’s proven that these media attract a large number of visitors to the companies’ website and facilitate the sales process.

For this reason, it’s very important to have a strategy for channels like Facebook and Instagram that allow you to achieve brand interaction and visibility.

That said, one of the actions you can implement for these platforms is the generation of giveaways and contests oriented to the product or service you want to promote. Likewise, you can generate paid advertising to achieve greater reach.

2. Digital content strategy

Digital content marketing is another of the most important actions within an online digital marketing strategy. To generate this plan effectively, the most advisable thing is to create a blog.

The blog is a channel that, in addition to social networks, allows you to make yourself known in a professional and friendly manner, in addition to increasing your brand presence on the Internet.

To do this, it’s necessary to create a strategic digital content plan for your blog. These materials will help your business show itself as an authority within its sector and generate visits from readers who, over time, can become potential customers for your small bussiness.

3. Advertising SEO strategy

In addition to creating your blog, it’s very important to implement an advertising SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. This optimization consists of achieving organic (non-paid) positioning of your business in Google search engines.

This means that when a user types a term related to your products or services into Google, your small business will be one of the first to appear in their results list.

To achieve this, you must investigate the “keywords” with which users search for a product or service related to your field. Once identified, you must position your website with these words: it’s also important to add them to your blog.

4. SEM Strategy

As we saw previously, the advertising SEO strategy consists of positioning your business without having to invest money. On the contrary, an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy is one based on paying for ads to appear in the top positions of Google search engines.

This means that you should buy ads on Google so that people can find your small business quickly in their search engines. This serves to attract future customers to your website and generate sales.

To implement this strategy there is the Google Adwords tool, which allows you to generate different paid campaigns through “keywords”.

5. Email marketing strategy

Mailing or email marketing is an online digital marketing strategy for small bussinesses based on sending emails with specific content to your clients and potential clients. This digital content works to publicize your products or services in a direct and personalized way.

However, for this type of strategy to work, it’s very important to create emails that not only have to do with direct sales, but also with educational and entertaining information.

To do this, each one must follow an automated and strategic process marked by the previously planned sales funnel.

6. Storytelling Strategy

Currently, storytelling is one of the most popular and fastest growing techniques in online digital marketing strategies. This tool aims to connect with users through stories that make them feel identified and close to the brands.

These stories have the power to generate emotions that lead users to buy certain products or services, as long as these stories are told well.

Videos are an effective way to apply this strategy by showing simple, everyday stories that show topics related to the brand.

7. Have a website that’s mobile friendly

A professional website demonstrates credibility. Creating a website can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. The key is that it has a good structure and usability, that it has quality digital content and is compatible with mobile devices.

Because, let’s face it, most people search Google on their phones. Especially if they realize they need something and just want to see what’s there quickly. This means that customers’ first interaction with your brand will be with the mobile version.

Your website should load quickly on both mobile devices and PCs.

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