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How to use publicity in Google to your advantage

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is sending traffic to their website.

Search engine optimization can be complicated for entrepreneurs, and launching online digital marketing campaigns on the wrong platforms can cost a lot.

The answer is simple: Google Ads campaigns. These are, therefore, a quick and effective way to guarantee the visibility of a business website.

Companies that need immediate results use Google Ads to attract customers to their small businesses.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising platform that small businesses use to reach customers through Google. That is, from the largest search engine in the world.

When launching online digital marketing campaigns, small businesses ads will appear in search engine results (SERP) for relevant and specific keywords related to the business.

Search ads appear within organic results with an ad tag in the top left corner.

Most of the time, ads will appear as one of the top results, always ahead of organic ones.

However, sometimes ads will show at the bottom or side of the page, depending on whether Google has featured snippets for the requested search query.

What advantages do Google Ads campaigns have?

Among the many benefits associated with Google Ads campaigns, the following stand out:

  • They take advantage of Google traffic.
  • Campaigns targeted to keywords relevant to your business.
  • They take advantage of your competition’s traffic.
  • They don’t need graphic materials.
  • Pay for traffic obtained with pay-per-click campaigns.

Let’s look at each of them in depth:

Take advantage of Google traffic

If all your customers gathered in one place, wouldn’t you want to be there to sell your products?

Your clients are on Google, and you need to take advantage of the continuous traffic of this portal. Otherwise, you would only be hindering interested users from finding your small business.

Users may be looking for a small business like yours or products like those your small business offers, but aren’t sure where to find them.

If your website isn’t optimized at the SEO level and you don’t have any active ad campaigns, it is possible that these users find your competitors’ businesses.

If you don’t take advantage of Google traffic with organic and paid strategies, you’ll be throwing away a great opportunity.

At first, you might think that it would be enough to rely on the advertising SEO strategy to increase the traffic of your website. However, this can be quite a challenge.

Digital content, links and RankBrain are the three main factors that influence the organic positioning of web pages.

In addition, there are other factors such as the loading speed of the website, domain authority or relevance that will also affect positioning.

It can be difficult to discern what factors are negatively affecting a page’s ranking and understand where you need to invest time and effort to generate organic results.

On the other hand, Google Ads campaigns are easy to set up and you can start seeing results almost immediately.

By using Google’s campaign builder, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to start showing your ads to your target.

Campaigns targeting keywords relevant to your business

If you have a limited budget, you may be wondering which strategies will be most profitable to invest in.

The main factor that distinguishes Google Ads from advertising on other social networks is the user’s search intention. That is, the reason why a person is searching for terms related to your products, your services or your small business.

On the contrary, on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, users scroll through their feeds in search of new news or entertainment, and see some ads inserted in between.

On Google, they perform searches similar to your business offer, and it’s very likely that they want to see the content of your ad.

Attract your competition’s audience

If your small business is new in the sector and you have a competitor with a large gap in the market, you can launch an online digital marketing campaign to try to reach their audience.

They don’t need graphic materials

Small businesses don’t always have graphic design departments or budgets to create new ads.

Fortunately, Google Ads search ads don’t require an image that captures the customer.

First impressions are everything when it comes to your online digital marketing campaigns.

Sometimes, it seems that these focus exclusively on the image chosen for the campaign.

That is, the text must be effective enough to get customers to click on the ad at first glance.

SEM experts should create multiple ad variations in order to rotate them and determine which ones perform best.

This can also help when guiding company communications.

If there is a value proposition or a specific message that is working especially well, it may be a good option to integrate it into the company’s website or email marketing campaigns.

This way, you’ll ensure that customers receive a solid message from your brand.

Take advantage of pay per click campaigns

When setting up Google Ads campaigns, you can choose different types of objectives. The most popular is cost per click (CPC).

In this type of online digital marketing campaign, the advertiser only pays when the user clicks on the ad. Therefore, there is no charge for impressions or conversions associated with the online digital marketing campaign.

However, once you gain the user’s trust, you must work to achieve a conversion. And this aspect is a challenge for online digital marketing professionals.

The easiest way to increase conversions is to set up personalized landing pages for each online digital marketing campaign.

Brief conclusions about Google Ads

Businesses that don’t advertise on Google Ads are losing customers who are actively searching for their brand’s offering.

Therefore, it is important to include SEM advertising strategies in Google Ads to obtain quality traffic that’s interested in the keywords relevant to the business itself and thus stand out from the competition.

These online digital marketing campaigns can be launched with text and pay-per-click ads, so small businesses will only make payments when someone visits their website.

Once you launch your first online digital marketing campaign, you’ll be fully aware of the value of this platform and the great impact it can have on your results.

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