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Digital marketing consultant: best online service 2024

Digital marketing consultant

Being successful in the world of digital marketing is not a milestone that is achieved overnight, the correct steps must be followed, according to your company, and, to be able to recognize them, the service of a marketing consultant is essential. digital marketing.

Read us until the end so you know what this professional is, what their role is within the company, why you should hire them, and when to do it.

What is a digital marketing consultant?

When we talk about a digital marketing consultant, we are referring to that marketing professional, worth the redundancy, capable of guiding you and advising you, when creating your strategies, with the intention that you can achieve the defined objectives.

It is a service that can be hired to resolve certain specific doubts, as well as to have the figure for a long period of time, turning it into an internal digital marketing consultant.

It is extremely important to clarify that the consultant is not the one who executes the work. That is, his work is only attached to the proposal of the actions that others must carry out.

In general, these are professionals who have a high level of training, which allows them to be able to resolve all the problems that a brand faces, as well as guide it in new strategies.

What are the functions of the digital marketing consultant?

The range of functions of the digital marketing consultant is truly wide, and starts from the analysis of the brand’s starting point, reaching the definition of strategies.

However, the functions that you perform during your work period will depend on the type of contract that has been made, or on the consultancy itself. To give you an idea, we explain some of the most common ones:

Project audit

The first step should always be to find out what the brand needs, know about its communication history, objectives, and the strategies that have already been carried out, to have a complete idea of ​​what would be the starting point of the business.

Generally, a client is sent to a strategic briefing with the intention of learning all the information about the company, through a series of questions about the business, among other details.

During the audit, various aspects of marketing are analyzed, such as communication, email marketing, content, social media, online advertising, or sales strategies.

Analysis and research of the competition and the sector

Another reason why hire a digital marketing consultant is because they are the right professional to know in detail the positioning of your brand in the sector, and which are its main competitors.

Also, you will be able to identify those weak and strong points about the service, processes and strategies, maintaining a special focus on the consumer behavior of your sector.

How do you achieve this? Through comprehensive research, often referred to as benchmarking, which will be useful to identify all of the above issues in digital channels.

Define the ideal client

Being one of the tasks of the digital marketing consultant, it is considered one of the most important points to analyze, and this relevance is based on the harsh reality that indicates that very few companies have a well-defined ideal client.

Whether you have to analyze or redefine the different buyer persona profiles, you do have to do important work when it comes to knowing the consumer insights and the different audiences.

By the way, talking about the target audience is not the same as talking about the ideal client, or buyer persona, did you know that?

Define brand positioning

Another task that every consultant must do is analyze the space that a product, or service, occupies within the mind of a consumer. In other words, define the differential value that makes that brand memorable.

It is data that adds great value to the company’s marketing plan, as occurs with issues that are related to the mission, vision, values, personality, and tone of voice of the brand.

Define the objectives

It is important to be able to consider what you want to achieve, which leads to the drafting of a series of objectives that are realistic and measurable, capable of being accompanied with an action plan that allows them to be achieved.

Define the strategies and the action plan to follow

Another function of the digital marketing consultant is, starting from the analysis of the brand and the budget, to begin to draw up those strategies that are necessary to achieve the objectives that have been set.

Basically, it is about creating an action guide tailored to your particular business.

Measurement of actions

It is no secret that marketing is in continuous change, which makes it necessary to constantly analyze all the actions carried out.

To measure these, it is important to define which ones have the main KPIs, so that it can be determined if the expected results are being obtained.

How do you know if you need a digital marketing consultant?

Have you been left wondering if you need this role for your company? The following points answer when to hire a digital marketing consultant:

  • Need to find clients who come to you motivated by quality, and not by price.
  • You are looking to increase the visibility of your brand.
  • You are not clear about which marketing actions should be implemented in your company.
  • Want to define your ideal client, and the personality of your brand.
  • You feel the need to learn to communicate what makes you different from your competition.
  • You are interested in scaling your company, and making more money.
  • One of your goals is to create a loyal community on social networks.

If you have identified with any of the previous points, perhaps it is time to find your own digital marketing consultant.

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