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Marketing company tools for small business? Small companies have the barrier of budget, in scenarios where they must work on a larger scale, and reduced expenses, in order to achieve their objectives. But, today, technology is on your side.

Learn about the marketing tools for small business capable of doing in a second what previously cost more money, and time, to achieve.

Best Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Discover in this section the best tools for small businesses.

1. WordPress

It is one of the most useful free CMS that you can find if you want to develop a good content strategy.

Initially, its popularity was based on the creation of blogs, but, over time, it became an essential tool in the creation of commercial websites.

In it, you can find a large number of web templates available that will give you the possibility of customizing your content to the maximum, although it also allows ad hoc designs.

One of the main reasons why it is especially suitable for small businesses is that it is completely free, and offers a large number of add-ons or plugins (both free and paid) designed to improve the function, aesthetics, and efficiency of a website.

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2. Google Analytics

It can be considered one of the best marketing tools for small business because it is a key piece for analyzing the performance of websites.

It is a free Google tool that is responsible for collecting data and generating statistics about the navigation and actions that users carry out while they visit your pages, to guide your decision-making towards achieving your marketing objectives.

If you have a Google account, you can now use Analytics. You will only have to install the tracking code on the web pages to obtain information such as the number of visitors, average number of pages visited, origin of the visits, their duration, and more.

And it’s not just about that, it is also a very good option if you want to analyze the purchasing behavior of your potential customers.

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3. Search Console

If you liked Analytics, another essential tool that navigates the same waters is Google Search Console. With it you can check the indexing status of the pages, the meta tags used, and possible errors, to achieve better optimization and greater visibility.

If you integrate it with Analytics, it will also be of great help if you want to know which search terms (or keywords) really help you get traffic.

In addition, it is a fundamental Google tool, especially if you want to work on On Page SEO, since it ensures better positions in the search engine.

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4. PageSpeed ​​Insights

Among the marketing tools for small businesses, which cannot be missing from any list, are those that help you improve one of the factors capable of affecting your positioning: loading speed.

PageSpeed ​​Insights works based on suggestions, where it will tell you what changes you can decide to make if you need to optimize your website for both desktop and mobile devices.

It is not always looked at this way, but in many cases the loading time of a website is the determining factor. Users really don’t want to wait too long to view a website, no matter how good the information on it is.

Also, it has been proven that immediacy acts as a decisive factor when making purchases. Being able to prevent bounce rates from being so high that they harm your positioning.

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5. SEMRush

In the event that you want to study in a much more exhaustive and simple way, which keywords you are positioning for, undertake the search for new relevant terms, and know who your direct competition is for said terms, SEMRush can help you.

But the advantages of using it do not end there, it will be really useful if you are looking for new opportunities that allow you to improve your organic positioning, visibility, and authority in your sector.

Although it only has a one-month free trial, the decision of how you want to invest your resources is completely yours. But, with a tool that even gives you recommendations for the content you upload, it’s a no-brainer.

In case you’re wondering, there are a couple more similar tools that you can use for the same objectives. Some of them are Sistrix, or Ahrefs.

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6. Others

The free and paid marketing tools for small business, which we have given a place in our top, are not the only ones you can use to achieve your goals.

To mention a few, there is Google Ads, which intends to take you into the world of online advertising. Or HubSpot, an Inbound marketing and sales software with a free version to have the CRM.

MailChimp can help your small business convert customers thanks to its email builder, basic CRM, landing pages, and forms. While HootSuite is the ideal tool to take care of your social networks.

If you are looking to design content for emails, or social networks, you can start with Canva. Or SlideShare, as a free platform for sending documents of different formats.

Will you start using any of them?

Now that we have given you an overview of the marketing tools that can help you if you have a small business, it is up to you to recognize your needs and identify which of them can provide a solution.

Whenever you think of something you should, or can, do to achieve a goal, there is a marketing tool available to help you, you just have to find the right one.

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